WorkshopIBM Spectrum Protect 8.1.7 for Virtual Environment Workshop - Theory & Exercises (TD-ISPVE81) *

Munich / Online / Stuttgart

Implementation and use of Data Protection for Virtual Environments with Spectrum Protect.

We offer this course with our partner Tech Data.

*Editor's note: Since version 8.1.19, the product is called "IBM Storage Protect", but is identical to IBM Spectrum Protect. The course offered here uses a version that still officially runs under the name IBM Spectrum Protect.

Current dates

04.12. - 05.12.2023 - Online

18.01. - 19.01.2024 - Online

15.04. - 16.04.2024 - Online 

13.06. - 14.06.2024 - Online Ι Munich

9.10.24 – 10.10.2024 - Online Ι Stuttgart       

28.11. -29.11.2024 - Online Ι Stuttgart


Dates and registration

Who is the course for

Are you an IBM Spectrum Protect administrator and want to develop an understanding of how to implement and manage IBM Spectrum Protect in a virtualization environment? Then expand your knowledge and skills in using IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments in this course.

What you will learn in this course

In this 2-day training, we teach you all the relevant concepts and practices. We will cover the integration of IBM Spectrum Protect in VMware, the management of data backups, restores and other administrative tasks.
Through lectures and hands-on exercises, you will gain fundamental knowledge about the structure of a VM and the corresponding backup options. You will learn which components belong to an IBM Spectrum Protect for VE environment, how to install and configure them. You will also learn about the various backup and restore options and the different IBM Spectrum Protect for VE interfaces. Using examples, you will receive assistance in sizing your environment.
In addition, we will give you an insight into the setup and functionalities of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus.
You will work through the practical exercises on a complex environment with different virtual systems.

Requirements for participation

Experience in operation and administration of IBM Spectrum Protect.

  • Installation of the TDP for VMware suite
  • Configuration of TSM for VE 8.1 components
  • Detailed information about the TDP for VE update steps
  • Using the new TDP VMware GUI (since 7.1)
  • Performing a FULL VM Backup and Restore
  • Performing an Incremental Forever Block-level Backup with CBT
  • Performing a FULL VM Instant Restore operation
  • Performing a FULL VM Instant Access operation
  • Restoring individual files and folders of protected ISP/TSM volumes/containers.

Other topics:

  •  Expiration
  • Performance / Log Files
  • Reporting
  • Node / proxy relationships
  • iSCSI mounts
  • ISP/TSM management classes
  • Self Service / File Restore interface
  • Data Mover / vCenter tagging support

Our workshop language is German. If you are interested in an English training, please send us an email.

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