Empalis Service Plus for Cohesity


Protect, consolidate and manage global data assets across all clouds, workloads and use cases with Cohesity.


Data Managament-as-a-Service (DaaS) - with Empalis Service Plus

Cohesity offers customers the flexibility to use data management services the way they want - managed by their own IT team, via a service provider partner or as a SaaS service.  Often, however, resources are already distributed - or tied up too much by the effort involved in the service. With Empalis Service Plus, you can plan anew as needed. 

Benefits and Opportunities with ESPlus for Cohesity

Cluster approach using apps

Multicloud platform with multiple applications

  • Global indexing and search
  • Global deduplication
  • Multi-protocol (NFS/SMB/S3)
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Unlimited snapshots and cloning
  • Automatic tiering

On-site, cloud or hybrid

One platform brings it all together 

  • High data resilience
  • Multiple data centres
  • Choice reliability
  • Tape solution
  • On-premise, cloud or hybrid
  • Easy to integrate

Data management and backup

  • High data resilience
  • Airbag model
  • High availability
  • Self-repair
  • Protection of cloud-native applications
  • Multi-tenancy with QoS

With Empalis Service Plus for Cohesity you have a competent partner offering expertise and service know-how.

  • Personal, individual service in German language
  • Flexible service units according your needs
  • Solution-oriented approach, use of best practices and precise
  • documentation
  • Simple package structures for complete cost transparency
  • Use of web technologies (ticket portal, knowledgebase, remote control)
  • Early problem detection and resolution thanks to all-round monitoring
  • Full access to the Empalis specialist network