VIKING Appliance - The strong solution for your backup

Future-proof: Adaptable appliance concept as an easy-to-use plug-and-play solution


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VIKING Appliance Powerfull Backup Solution

Solution that brings data protection to a new level

Each organization has unique backup and data protection needs and requires an infrastructure that is tailored to those needs. A fast and easy-to-use solution, in short a data backup and recovery "that simply works".

Tailor your own backup model with VIKING

With VIKING you get a comprehensive backup solution with a modular structure, which you can configure and customize according to your individual needs.


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Example: VIKING Appliance Architecture with IBM Storage Protect
Example: VIKING Appliance Architecture with IBM Storage Protect

Optimal design for data redundancy

There are many options for creating data redundancy and integrating multiple physical storage locations. They range from simply replicating the data to any cloud storage or IBM Storage Protect server, to creating a high availability multi-site environment.


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VIKING Appliance - Features


  • Plug- and play-Solution
  • Agentless
  • Appliance-Concept
  • Instant Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Cloud-capable
VIKING Appliance - Hammer Features

Smart costs

  • Transparent licensing model
  • 70 percent lower licensing costs
  • No expensive storage arrays
  • No additional license costs
VIKING Appliance - Smart Costs

Secured and safe

  • Clear separation of production and backup storage
  • Role-based access control
  • No backup data remains in the customer domain - "Security out of the box".
VIKING Appliance - Secured and safe

Solid into the future

  • DR Flexibility
  • Additional backup possible: Microsoft 365, DB2, Oracle...
  • Hardware independent
  • State of the art architecture
VIKING Appliance - Solid into the future

Viking word of honor

  • Installation support by Empalis
  • Full managed appliance including updates and support by Empalis
  • 24x7 support possible
  • "Keep your hard drive" option
VIKING Appliance - Viking word of honor
Markus Stumpf

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Markus Stumpf
Empalis has been involved in backup software and hardware for more than 30 years. We support our customers when it comes to adapting new technologies in this area. Our Viking backup solution offers a broad set of options for you to protect your data.“ Markus Stumpf, Head of Data Protection Services