dsmISI MAGS - "incremental forever" thanks to shorter running times


Growing file systems, shrinking backup windows - the challenges of backing up and restoring large volumes of data and files are becoming ever greater. However, the dsmISI MAGS module developed by General Storage solves this problem.


As a companion to the IBM Storage Protect Client, MAGS speeds up the identification of data when backing up and restoring this data many times over. In particular, companies with unstructured data(file services) can drastically reduce the tremendously long runtimes for file system scans before the actual incremental backup.

Features of dsmISI MAGS

  • dsmISI MAGS is a powerful solution for backing up and restoring large file systems
  • dsmISI MAGS supports CIFS and NFS (and other Unix) file systems
  • dsmISI MAGS serves as a wrapper to the IBM Storage Protect Client
  • dsmISI MAGS offers an "incremental forever" strategy

Our services

  • Expert advice on all aspects of dsmISI MAGS
  • Carrying out tests to determine the best possible configuration for you
  • Support with the introduction and operation of the solution

Your benefits

  • Shortening the backup time of file systems
  • Very high degree of parallelisation of backup streams possible
  • Reduction of recovery times for large file systems
  • Use of a native ISP backup/archive client
  • Possibility to replace backup methods such as NDMP backups, SnapDiff backups of Netapp filers and journal-based backups, thus eliminating dependencies
Markus Stumpf

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