Empalis Health Check

We get the best out of your data protection environment.

Der Empalis Health Check ist der erste Schritt hin zur Optimierung Ihrer IT Backup-Infrastruktur

Is everything working smoothly? Are the systems technically up to date? Is there perhaps a better, faster or cheaper solution at one point or another? And what happens in the event of a crisis?

As part of our Empalis Health Check, the data protection environment and archiving are subjected to a thorough and comprehensive review. We analyze the results, compile them for you in a report and develop concrete recommendations for action to optimize your back-up landscape.

You also benefit from the unlimited use of a modern analytics tool - for example Veeam ONE or Predatar Insights.

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  • Get a comprehensive analysis and assessment of your backup environment.
  • We recognize the potential for optimization and implement new ideas taking into account all the best practices.
  • We submit suggestions for a possible conceptual realignment of the environment.
  • With Predatar Insights / Veeam ONE you get a modern analytics tool (monitoring & reporting) in the cloud, which you can continue to use after the health check.

An overview of our offer

Step 1 Inventory

  • Inventory of the backup environment and your requirements for this environment
  • On site
  • Duration: 1 to 1.5 days

Step 2 Monitoring & Reporting

  • Monitoring of processes and systems
  • Creation of graphically prepared reports
  • This with the help of a monitoring and reporting tool (Predatar Insights/Veeam ONE)

Step 3 Analysis & Rating

  • Evaluation of the results using different criteria: stability of the environment, safety, fulfillment of the SLAs, best practice
  • Summary in result report
  • If desired : Presentation of the results on site

Step 3 Suggestions for optimization

  • Identification of potential for optimization including a solution proposal, taking into account best practice approaches
  • Suggestions for possible conceptual realignment of the environment