PredatarOne Platform. Total Control.

Monitoring and reporting made easy: overview of your entire Spectrum Protect infrastructure.

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Trusted & Transparent

Predatar is backed by IBM & Red Hat and brings together the best of their technologies to provide you with a single point solution to control and deliver all your data protection needs. Just like the platform itself, the Predatar business model is characterized by the greatest possible transparency. Predatar comes in 4 varieties, starting with Predatar Insights, which you can get for free.


Predatar solves many of the pain points faced by the modern IT operator & Backup Administrator:

  • Single view of your data protection estate
  • Insight into backup and restore successes
  • Ability to monitor your estate remotely
  • Access to monitoring from mobiles or tablets
  • Insights into your storage and infrastructure
  • Proactive alerting to potential issues and problems

The following table gives you an overview of the different variants and the features they contain: