VIKING 365 - Smart Backup Solution for Microsoft 365

Backup für M365: Cyber Security beginnt mit einer cyberresilienten Backup-Lösung: VIKING 365

Secure and long-lasting backup solution for Microsoft 365

Are you backing up your data in Microsoft 365? And did you know that 80 percent of untargeted attacks are due to security vulnerabilities in Office 365 products?

In fact, there are good and even compelling reasons to back up Microsoft 365 off-site if you want to keep your data safe.

Microsoft 365 itself does not back up data or backs it up to a very limited extent: OneDrive, for example, can be reset for up to 30 days if all default settings are used, after which all data is irretrievably deleted.

Using Microsoft 365 in Home Office 

Further vulnerabilities in your security architecture that are beyond your control are inherent to running Microsoft 365 in today's often very heterogeneous environments. Bring your own device (BYOD) reduces control over the patch status and access control. Used versions of the devices are often out of date so they offer a gateway to attack. These are not the only reasons why Microsoft 365 is a popular target for cybercriminals. (Source: IT threat evolution in Q3 2022)

Data backup and restore in Microsoft 365 in view of today's cyber threat scenarios

0 %
of untargeted cyberattacks target Office applications
0 %
of data (average value) cannot be recovered after an attack
0 %
of attacks originate in emails, 25% in phishing links

Shared Responsibility Model in Microsoft 365 - What is your responsibility?

Microsoft's Shared Responsibility Model is another reason for a well thought-out backup strategy: Backup/eDiscovery functionalities are limited, which means that configuration and monitoring are your responsibility.

Microsoft 365 offers its customers a software-as-a-service (SaaS) plan. As such, users themselves are fully responsible for backing up the data they process in Microsoft 365.

Here you can see the responsibilities at a glance:

What is provider Microsoft's responsibility?

  • Customer has no control over physical and deployed software components
  • Updates are automatically implemented by Microsoft
  • The function and redundancy of all HW components are completely up to Microsoft
  • The customer has no possibility to quickly disconnect his services and data from the Internet
  • In the past, infrastructure failures mostly occurred in the login/routing area and caused the unavailability of data for several million users.

What is the user's own responsibility

  • Identity and account management (IAM)
  • Devices
  • Information and data
  • Backup of your data

What VIKING 365 data backup offers you

VIKING 365 Features

  • CrossPlatform Restore
  • Operation in web interface
  • MultipleBackups / day possible
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Data encryption
  • Granular restore functionality down to individual items

Restore Daten

  • Complete mailboxes from Exchange Online
  • Comprehensive libraries from SharePoint
  • Individual emails and documents
  • Individual files or entire folder structures in OneDrive

Cyber Resilience & Service

  • Ransomware protection through immutable storage included
  • Fully managed cloud or hybrid solution
  • Individual German-speaking service
  • Certified data centers in Germany according to ISO27001


  • 2.99 Euro per M365 user/month starting with the first user
  • Complete price transparency

Backup of Microsoft 365 - but securely!

Do you have a secure backup solution, a contingency plan and as well an exit strategy just in case? Do you know what would happen if Microsoft Azure is disrupted or unavailable?


What you need is a backup that is as complete as possible to recover your data - not necessarily in the event of a half-day outage, but in the event of major disruptions or attacks, you should ensure data availability.


This is costly, but this way you are covered. Otherwise, you can do no more than call the Microsoft hotline and wait until you can be helped there among millions of subscribers to Microsoft services. This is where our Managed Service comes in with a one-to-one, German-speaking service.


Backup is also worthwhile when employees leave, as their accounts are deleted from Microsoft 365 when subscriptions end for cost reasons. At that point, all of that employee's data is irretrievably gone.

Plus, you don't risk a media disruption without an external backup. Maintaining end-to-end data flows with a smart backup solution minimizes your business risk.

With VIKING 365, you get cyber-resilient data protection based on the 3-2-1 rule using the 3rd Copy approach. We think holistically. You have ransomware-proof protection included in your backup.

Überblick Microsoft 365 sichern mit VIKING 365
Overview VIKING 365: Secure Backup for Microsoft 365
3rd Copy with VIKING 365 for Microsoft 365 BACKUP
3rd Copy Model for data backup in Microsoft 365 with VIKING 365

Our VIKING 365 offers

On Premise Appliance

  • VM setup included
  • Windows VM or HW is provided by the customer
  • VPN access is provided by the customer
  • Infrastructure and OS support provided by the customer
  • Update and monitoring of backups by Empalis
  • Connection/management of S3 storage by Empalis included
  • More control or complete operation by Empalis

Viking 365 Appliance

  • All components are operated in the Empalis RZ
  • All patches, updates and overall operation are included

For both offers

  • Protection of Exchange Online, Sharepoint, One Drive and Teams
  • Unlimited data retention per user
  • All backups on Immutable S3 Storage
  • All data hosted in Germany
  • Self Service Restore Portal
  • Support incl. Mon-Fri 8am-6pm via ticket, mail and phone

Our VIKING 365 offerings run with Immutable Storage in the Empalis Cloud.

Cyber security starts with a cyber resilient backup solution

With VIKING 365, you have a smart backup solution that creates additional security for your data with the 3rd copy model - fully-managed. To achieve this, our backup experts use the security advantage with the Air Gap (redundancy) via our Empalis Cloud, the S3 storage with the right vendor behind it for you - or for shared control also over your data center.


We combine software from market leaders with our expertise and outstanding service - at an attractive fixed price. Zero Trust and Immutability form the central underpinnings of our solutions.

VIKING 365 Backup for Microsoft 365 by Empalis
Backup with VIKING 365 for Microsoft 365 in the Empalis Cloud or in your Data Center
VIKING - Backup-Strategie, modular und skalierbar
VIKING 365 is based on a modular, flexibly scalable backup strategy

With VIKING 365 you have

  • Reliability in case of attacks and system failures
  • Preservation of data of former employees
  • No media disruption
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Finding your backup solution for Microsoft 365

The decision for a Microsoft 365 solution that backs up your data depends on several factors. In a free initial meeting, we will sound out together with you which paths can be considered for your company.


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