NewsApex partnership with Predatar: The Apex-Partners are unleashed

Empalis Editorial Team — 11. April 2023
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Empalis ist pioneer partner of Apex by Predatar

In the last five years, Empalis and Predatar have been working closely together, both strategically and technically. Today, Empalis offers its customers a range of backup and restore services with Predatar's technology - in the future also as an Apex partner.

We have been using Predatar technology to design monitoring and reporting as well as cyber resilience architectures that make even more sense for our customers over the past five years. Now, as a pioneer partner of Predatar, we are entering a new dimension with Apex.

IBM Storage Defender

With the partnership of IBM and Predatar, IBM has brought together its best-of-breed solutions while meaningfully integrating APEX technology into IBM Storage Defender. As a result, IBM offers a multi-faceted, full cyber-resiliency package that is a leader among technology providers.


Apex partners are carefully selected, expert service providers who are able to deliver the highest level of cyber-resilient backup and recovery services based on IBM and Predatar technologies.

Prospects: Cyber Recovery as a Service (CRaaS)

The annual increase in demand for cyber-resilient technology and expertise is immense. Apex is preparing for this with its partners through an intensive training program with the team at Predatar's headquarters near London. Empalis will thus be part of a specialized network of companies with the knowledge, expertise and technologist to continue providing excellent cyber resilience services to our customers.

Alina Mot
Together Predatar and Empalis make a great team. We collaborate on a strategic level, and on a technical level. Most importantly we share the same values.“ Alina Mot, CEO Empalis Consulting

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