Backup in the cloud

Simplicity, efficiency and flexibility - backup in the cloud with Cohesity DataProtect Services brings many advantages compared to traditional backup in the cloud. 
COHESITY. Data Management powered by Empalisd

Cloud data backup with Cohesity

While backup seems to be the easiest entry point into the cloud for many businesses, doing conventional backup to the cloud can be complex, expensive and time-consuming. For this reason, simplicity is the benchmark of Cohesity's DataProtect Service. Available as a cloud service, the solution reduces the infrastructure management workload and eliminates the complexity of procurement cycles to boot procurement cycles associated with high capital expenditure.


The DataProtect Service provides backup of both local and cloud data with the flexibility to perform restores in the cloud or in your data centre. The service also enables cost-effective clones to be used in combination with other cloud services such as analytics.


Cloud archiving

With multiple providers and cloud regions of choice, it's very easy to replace tape backups and archives with Cohesity to simplify operations and reduce costs.

Cohesity CloudArchive - which is standard in DataProtect - provides native integration to all major cloud providers using their cloud-native APIs as well as industry-standard S3-compatible APIs. This allows local data to be automatically and efficiently archived to cloud storage for long-term retention (LTR) based on policy-based backups and data retention rules.


Cohesity supports a variety of cloud storage options ranging from Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Microsoft BLOBs, Google Nearline and Coldline, allowing you to optimise your cost, redundancy and query requirements.

Cohesity Helios can be run in any cloud, any data centre and anywhere in Edge.

The power of backup in Cohesity Helios

Cohesity's integrated approach to security reduces vulnerability: cybersecurity is a core tenet of the Cohesity architecture, starting with a single software-defined data management platform that consolidates multipoint solutions and reduces data storage footprint.

Backup administrators can scan backup snapshots on demand or on a schedule to detect cyber risks and vulnerabilities in their production environment without impacting performance or overhead. This feature is available via the Cohesity Marketplace application, developed in partnership with Tenable, an expert in cyber exposure prevention.

Multicloud-Failover and Failback

Helios Multicloud Data Platform

  • Unify, move, failover and failback data between on-premises environment and cloud for disaster recovery
  • Recovery and deployment after failover 
  • Restore and boot from archived data
  • Cohesity CloudSpin closes compatibility gap
  • Conversion of local VM formats from VMware and Hyper-V to cloud-native formats for Amazon EC2 and Azure VMs

Instant mass recovery

Cohesity SnapTree tree structure

  • Any app can be restored from any cloud 
  • Ability to snap or restore data in parallel
  • Ability to restore hundreds of files, objects and VMs instantly
  • Complete management of hydrated snapshots
  • Restore in minutes using NFS and SMB

Automation of disaster recovery

A DR strategy that works

  • Cohesity SiteContinuity connects all DR plan components
  • User-friendly automation and orchestration engine
  • Reduced complexity in the disaster recovery process
  • Simplified Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) operations
  • Unified policy framework
  • No management of different infrastructure silos and new virtual machines. 

Ransomware Protection

Cyber-resilient data management platform

  • Data protection shield against ransomware attacks
  • Detection of cyber vulnerabilities
  • Detection of ongoing attacks
  • Reduction of downtime
  • Instant recovery in a scalable manner