Monitoring & ReportingThe right solution for compliance-enabled reporting.

From consulting to implementation to managed service, we are involved with all aspects of the backup process.

Regardless of whether you rely on an environment for your data backup on-premise or in the cloud, whether you then manage it yourself or prefer to rely on your favorite managed service provider - one thing is certain: you need the necessary tools and solutions for monitoring and reporting in your own company that bring you maximum automation, give you a simple and quick overview of your backup environment and can generate audit-ready reports. Of course, there is a suitable "tool" for every requirement.

More than 30 years of practical experience have convinced us of the proven monitoring and reporting solutions to the extent that we have included them in our consulting portfolio. And also use them for our own managed service

  • Product consulting
  • Support with installation and configuration in the customer environment
  • Use of the appropriate solution from our Empalis Service Plus area
  • German-language support

Your benefits, depending on the solution

  • Ad-hoc and compliance-capable reports or reporting
  • Extensive reporting capabilities and notification of errors and events
  • Simple and clear administration of many backup servers
  • Integrated ticketing system with automatic generation of tickets in case of problems
  • Enormous time savings

Benefit from the advantages of a high-performance automation solution.
Predatar is a powerful solution for automated monitoring and reporting of IBM Storage Protect (ISP) infrastructures. Every minute, data is retrieved and analyzed by the ISP Server in order to detect problems and incidents early.
In case of a problem, Predatar triggers predefined alerts and sends out automated emails from which the user can directly create a troubleshooting ticket. For fast, transparent and documented problem solving.
Queries can also be created ad-hoc and evaluated within a short time.
In addition, the recovery module can be used for backup data for quality assurance and testing. This way, based on your existing data, you can, for example, make accurate predictions about the duration of restore and backup processes or the recovery time of your systems after a crisis (keyword: RPO / RTO).
Do you need a way to pass the cost of the backup on to your customers or departments? The Predatar Chargeback Portal provides a simple overview for non-IT users and automates the billing department according to the volume of data consumed.

Our services

  • Advice on the product
  • Support during installation and configuration in the customer environment
  • German speaking support

Your benefits

  • Integrated ticketing with automatic generation of tickets in the event of a problem
  • Possibility of ad hoc reporting
  • Possibility to chargeback via backup service catalogs with external and internal cost allocation
  • Our comprehensive practical experience in dealing with Predatar through our Empalis Service Plus

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BACKUP EAGLE® ensures complete control of all backups and restores in your company. For each backup / restore, daily logs are generated, which can be automatically sent to the responsible person (s). BACKUP EAGLE recognizes non-started backups immediately - regardless of the scheduling tool used.
The configuration of the backup servers is also documented daily by BACKUP EAGLE. This includes a separate report that contains all configuration changes since the last documentation.
By reassessing production-irrelevant error messages, the daily control effort is significantly reduced.

View objects

  • Backup Clients - Configuration, Backups and Restores
  • Backup Server - Configuration and Status
  • Backup Devices - Configuration and Status


  • Control / Monitoring
  • ID of all Backup & Restores
  • ID of missing backups
  • Identification of backups with abnormalities
  • Checks for Backup Server / Alert Monitoring
  • Checks for Backup Devices / Alert Monitoring
  • Monitoring of capacities / developments
  • Reporting
  • Logs and reports on all backups and restores including missing backups
    Audit and compliance reports
  • ID of the current configuration
  • Identification of changes in the configuration
  • Status reports on Backup Server and Backup Devices
  • Reports for capacity planning
  • Configurable dashboards for web and mobile devices


  • Identity Management
  • Ticket Tools
  • Asset-DB
  • Control-M / UC4

Supported backup environments

  • IBM Storage Protect
  • Veeam
  • EMC NetWorker
  • BRMS

The Jamodat TSMManager product is a graphical frontend for the administration, monitoring and reporting of IBM Storage Protect servers.

Difficult connections that must be painstakingly collated in the TSM via the command line or the Operations Center are presented in a simple interface by the TSMManager and everything seen in one go. Administrative commands can also be issued via the TSMManager. The TSMManager, in contrast to the Operations Center, covers the complete command set of the ISP server.

We are happy to assist you with the implementation and application of the TSMManager on your ISP system.

Functions of the TSM Manager

  • Full administration capability for TSM / ISP Servers on all supported ISP server platforms
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting and alert notification
  • Up to 30 TSM / ISP servers per collector component
  • Tools to support tape management
  • Integrated management for backup set generation and for DRM tasks (simplified tape removal, etc.)
  • Additional web frontend

Our services

  • Advice on the product
  • Support during installation and configuration in the customer environment
  • German speaking support

Your benefits

  • Simple and clear management of many TSM / ISP servers
  • Extensive options for generating reports and notifications of errors and events
  • Huge time savings
  • Our experience from over 200 successfully implemented projects - with satisfied customers