System Automation Maximum productivity with minimal costs.

Efficient and resource-saving:

As an IT service provider, you must ensure that your systems and IT services are permanently available. Preventing failures around the clock often leads to an enormous cost pressure. Reliable, efficient and resource-saving system automation is therefore crucial for your business success.

We have many years of experience in system automation, specializing in IBM Tivoli. Through years of involvement in the development of the IBM Tivoli System Automation product family, we are well-versed in their functions and always up to date with new developments. Our involvement in user associations (GSE: and ceCMG: also helps us gain a good insight into the users' situation.

Thus, we can competently support you in optimizing the use of the SA product family to ensure the high availability of your systems and applications - even across sysplex and cluster boundaries.

Our services:

  • Migrate your system automation to IBM Tivoli® System Automation for z / OS® (SA for z / OS)
  • Support in using best practices solutions to automate new applications with SA for z / OS
  • Merging multiple automation environments as part of corporate mergers
  • Support in the use of features of new product releases of SA for z / OS
  • Restructuring and optimization of your automation environment
  • Training and coaching of your employees

Your benefits:

  • You will receive a competent partner in the field of system automation, especially with IBM Tivoli
  • You have access to practice-oriented expert knowledge
  • They are always up to date with current developments
  • You always have high availability of your systems and applications


Automation Support SuiteThe Automation Support Suite is a powerful, extensible feature package designed to assist the administrator.

The Automation Support Suite (ASS) provides a powerful, expandable function package to support the administrator in the automation of the mainframes (System z) and the ones running on them. It is based on NetView for z / OS and System Automation for z / OS (SA z / OS).

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