Backup & Recovery

The right backup strategy for your company.

The challenges of backup and recovery are clear: important corporate data must be backed up reliably and, if lost, recovered quickly and effectively and made available.

However, more and more heterogeneous networks and infrastructures as well as the multitude of technologies, locations and data (formats) are presenting IT with ever greater challenges in the implementation and operation of corresponding solutions. At this point, a comprehensive backup concept that takes into account all aspects of the backup process is required. And that's exactly where Empalis comes in! Our range of services covers the entire range of storage, mainframe systems, backup and recovery - for reliable backup and flexible retrieval of your data.

Our services

  • Technical, economic and organizational analysis of the existing solution
  • Advice on the right edition and licensing
  • Economic planning for migration to new versions
  • Accompanying the tender for the procurement of suitable hardware and software
  • Creation of technical concepts including their realization
  • Accompanying the implementation
  • Operation of the solution
  • Project Management
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Training of users and follow-up concepts

Your benefits

  • We advise you holistically - from the development of the business and cost model, through technical implementation, to operation
  • We provide individual support for IBM Storage Protect and Veeam Backup & Recovery
  • Our years of experience in storage management and our knowledge in the current versions of the aforementioned solutions are manifold documented
  • We only use certified consultants who among other things, also work for IBM as lecturers in ISP training
  • Depending on the environment, we can test the migration of your solution with you in a disaster data center

Solutions for a reliable backup and flexible retrieval of your data

IBM Storage Protect (formerly IBM Spectrum Protect resp. Tivoli Storage Manager) offers you a broad repertoire of storage management capabilities. A centralized control point helps you manage the flood of information in your business.
For many years, Empalis has been one of the most renowned specialists in Germany in the IBM Storage Protect environment. Our specialized IT consultants advise you completely - from the analysis of your previous solution to the implementation of new functions and, if required, to the operation of the backup application.

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IBM Storage Protect Plus is a solution for data protection and availability in virtual environments. It increases data availability by using Snapshot technology for fast backup, data recovery, and management.

ISP Plus is implemented in minutes and protects your environment within an hour. This solution simplifies the protection of your data, whether it is being hosted in a physical, virtual, software-defined, or cloud-based environment.

It can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or linked to your IBM Storage Protect environment to make copies scalable and outsource them efficiently for long-term data storage and data governance.

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With IBM StorageProtect Snapshot, snapshots of storage systems can be created to back up and restore data. It does not matter if the database is a few GB or many TB, as the snapshot functionality of the storage infrastructure is used.


It supports enterprise database applications such as DB2 databases and Oracle databases, as well as SAP systems based on these databases. In addition, VMWare ESX based virtual machines can be protected in this way. IBM Storage Protect Snapshot seamlessly integrates with the IBM Storage Protect family and can offload the data to any storage media supported by IBM Storage Protect Server.


Our consultants have many years of experience installing, operating and administering IBM Storge Protect Snapshot. We have used this knowledge to develop our own solution for the administration of ISPS Snapshot, the ISPSManager.

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AvePoint's DocAve is a platform for managing your Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure. It helps companies make the use of their SharePoints more sustainable, secure and productive. The fully integrated platform contains all products for migration & integration, data backup and administration, thus enabling a central or delegated administration of SharePoints - whether on-premise, in the (private or public) cloud.

Features of DocAve:

  • Seamlessly migrate your business content from legacy systems or legacy SharePoint versions to SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013, and Office 365
  • Integrate your existing network or cloud file-based content or other SharePoint farms
  • Simple management of your SharePoints, from administration to content management, deployment, replication, storage optimization and monitoring to records management
  • Reduce TCO by leveraging Microsoft SQL Server ® Storage and Life Cycle Management
  • Protect your critical SharePoint assets - from network failures, through non-compliant content, to accidental deletion
  • Access to data, statistics and reports for many relevant business contents

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Veeam Data Platform is a backup, replication and recovery solution designed specifically to secure virtualized environments (running on VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V). Veeam Backup & Replication offers a variety of possibilities and features to ensure data security and disaster recovery.


Veeam enables fast and reliable backup of virtual, physical, and cloud-based workloads. The Restore section quickly restores individual files or application objects, as well as full VMs, to support virtually any recovery scenario.



  • Backup and restore of virtual machines
  • Support for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments
  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of less than 15 minutes
  • SnapShot support for well-known storage manufacturers
  • Single-file and single-item recovery possible
  • Replication capabilities for virtual machines
  • Monitoring virtual environments

Backup Features

  • Integrated management of Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows and Veeam Agent for Linux components
  • Backup of virtual, physical, and cloud-based workloads
  • Image-level VM backups: Create application-consistent backups
  • Storage snapshot backups for Cisco, Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Lenovo, NetApp, and Nimble Storage
  • Scale-out Backup Repository: Create a virtual backup storage pool to which backup jobs can be assigned and used to extend the capacity of backup storage systems.

Recovery Features

  • Instant VM Recovery: Recover failed VMs in a very short time
  • Instant File-Level Recovery: Restore guest OS files and folders during operations
  • Secure physical systems with Veeam Endpoint#
  • Veeam Explorer: enables application restore for many systems

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