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S3 Object Lock for maximum data protection. Wasabi itself states:: Unlimited data, always available, incredibly affordable.


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Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage mit Wasabi 80 % günstiger als AWS S3 Keine Gebühren für ausgehenden Traffic Keine Gebühren für API-Aufrufe

Wasabi: S3-compliant object storage for maximum data protection

Wasabi is the hyperscale solution for high customer demands: High performance, high protection - and affordable - that's Wasabi, S3-compliant object storage for maximum data protection. Our partnership unites us and Wasabi by sharing a focus on cyber- and compliance-safe data storage for your data in the cloud.   

S3 Object Lock: Cloud Object Storage with full flexibility and security for your data

Cloud Object Storage is particularly suitable as a backup target, often as a 2nd or 3rd copy.


  • One storage tier only ("hot cloud storage")
  • No costs for regress or similar (data can be withdrawn again free of charge)
  • Fast - affordable - secure
  • Immutability.

Wasabi: Compatibility and integration

Wasabi can be used with all providers, as long as they have implemented the S3 protocol. A special integration is available for Veeam, a direct port ("Veeam-ready") is available here.


Thanks to the simplicity of technology and the favorable pricing, we favor Wasabi in our VIKING solutions, such as VIKING Backup Guardian - cyber-protected backups, or VIKING BaaS - cloud backup with 3rd copy approach. This allows us to provide our customers with complex IT data backup in a simple and cost-effective way, while maintaining the same level of quality.


  • Unlimited data volume
  • High Availability
  • Immutable storage
  • Ransomware protection
  • Data center redundancy
  • On-premise or cloud storage
  • Secondary backup and restore storage


  • DSGVO-compliant cloud storage / data center in Germany
  • Flexible pricing and payment model based on usage or reserved storage capacity
  • Fast uploads and downloads
  • Private network settings
  • 99.999999999% reliable

Compliant with

  • IBM Storage Protect
  • IBM Storage Protect Plus
  • Cohesity
  • Veeam
  • VBO365
  • S3

Price buster in the hyperscaler world

Wasabi features a transparent pricing model with full cost control, which makes the offering so attractive: there are no hidden fees, as Wasabi itself advertises. We can only confirm that the price-performance model is worth looking at.

  • 80% more economical than AWS S3
  • No fees for outbound traffic
  • No fees for API calls
Markus Stumpf

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