Key ManagementSecure and flexible key management with IBM EKMF

In the face of ever-increasing fraud with credit and debit cards a.o. Banks are under great pressure. Companies such as VISA or Mastercard are demanding the migration to the Europay Mastercard Visa Standard (EMV) - a consequence of the standardization of payment transactions in the euro area to the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). In addition, rising operating costs are driving more and more banks to relocate their services to the Web.

As encryption grows, businesses will have to struggle with a growing number of encryption keys. Effective management of these keys is essential to ensure both the availability and security of the encrypted information. Centralized management of keys and certificates is required to perform the complex tasks associated with key and certificate generation, renewal, backup, and recovery.

The IBM Enterprise Key Management Foundation (EKMF) is a flexible and highly secure enterprise key management system. As a unified cryptographic infrastructure, it enables centralized key management on IBM zEnterprise® and distributed platforms for optimized, efficient and secure key and certificate management (symmetric and asymmetric).

As an IBM Premier Business Partner, Empalis advises you on the uses of EKMF in your business. We provide you with support in successfully integrating and effectively using the solutions in your IT infrastructure.

  • Crypto analytic features for identifying compliance issues
  • Transparency about who has access to the key material
  • Key management regardless of the target platform
  • Management of keys, certificates for encryption, coprocessors, hardware security modules (HSM), software
  • implementations such as Java Keystore, ATMs and cash registers / sales terminals
  • Incentive support for EMV chip cards, both for issuers and for acquirers and card brands
  • Adaptable to the special needs of different industries