NewsBe more cyber-resilient with greater insight into your data: With the Predatar 12.2 Release for IBM Spectrum Protect (Plus)

Empalis Redaktion — 02. March 2022
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Predatar Plattform Release Overview

Disaster recovery and ransomware orchestration is one of the big fields in the backup area. Our partner Predatar shows how time-saving the approach of monitoring tools can be. With the new release 12.2, Predatar has comprehensively set new standards.

At Empalis, we have been enthusiastically using Predatar as a backup and recovery orchestration platform for IBM Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Protect Plus successfully in customer projects since 2017.


The monitoring platform provides enterprise security and infrastructure teams with capabilities to be prepared for any data loss and perform a fast, clean and complete recovery at any time. This spring, Predatar is bringing the comprehensive release 12.2 with significantly enhanced features and a new, attractive dashboard.

Cyber analytics and real-time alerts - get a faster overview of the state of your data

Do you know whether and to what extent your data is recoverable in the event of a crisis? The starting point of a holistic cyber resilience strategy is regular monitoring and testing of data.

The new features at a glance:

  • Recoverability dashboard
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Data Explorer

Smart dashboard with advanced features

The redesigned dashboard with advanced views and features is fully configurable and provides administrators, all the way up to senior executives, with a quick overview.

Notifications and alerts

Predatar's analytics and real-time alerts make complex backup systems more transparent and highlight risk factors for data recoverability. Predatar IQ immediately notifies users of anomalies, changes and problems in their backup environment.

Data Explorer

Data Explorer allows you to scan complex backup environments and explore the deeper weaknesses of your security architecture - and improve them with just a few clicks.

Automation & Orchestration

The new features at a glance:

  • Backup anomaly detection
  • Automated recovery tests
  • Global search for file infections
  • Antivirus scanning of backups
Predatar Newsartikel Backup Ransomware
You can ask yourself these three questions to determine if your current backup strategy is sufficient.
Predatar Newsartikel Backup Monitoring
Experience has shown how much stronger and easier disaster recovery and ransomware orchestration can secure data environments.

Automated recovery testing

Predatar automates and orchestrates tests for recoverability of data. This simplification gives users more time for other day-to-day business challenges.

Backup anomaly detection

This is done by continuously running disaster recovery tests in the background and alerting users to errors. This continuous monitoring can detect suspicious behavior and backup anomalies.

Global search for file infections

Predatar also continuously scans backups for infection signatures. This allows malware to be identified before it can affect data and its ability to recover.

Antivirus scanning of backups

Suspicious backup workloads are restored in the CLEAN ROOM, an isolated room - to scan and clean them for viruses and restore them to the production environment with a few clicks.

Taking care of the backup continuously, without having to spend time doing other things, not only gives a sense of security. It also makes our work in the managed service area in IBM Spectrum Protect (Plus) environments much easier and simpler.

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