VIKING BaaS – (Cloud)  Backup as a Service based on 3rd Copy approach

Modern Data Protection mit dem 3rd-Copy Ansatz: Cloud Backup as a Service VIKING BaaS

VIKING Backup as a Service (BaaS) with the 3rd Copy Approach

You are already running backups, but require more protection just in times of ransomware and other threats to your data security? You want to optimize your existing approach by storing one more copy of data location-independent, out of your reach (offsite copy) - rather than on a hard drive that someone has to manually store in a secure location? Would you like to place this third backup copy in safe hands as a service? Are you considering a reliable cloud solution? Then VIKING BaaS is the right choice for you.

Cyber-protected backups - fast, secure and cost-effective 

We are familiar with the traditional practice: Do you also still have your backup copy on hard disk, which you personally place in a secure location outside your company on a daily or weekly basis?

This approach ensures a fair level of security - however, if this copy happens to be damaged or already infected, it is no longer a reliable solution. Cloud-only backup is likewise a solution that we also target in the VIKING solution architecture as a second or third location for backup, but we recommend having a third copy of data in the local Empalis Cloud as a 3rd copy solution.

Cloud backup or on-premise? With VIKING BaaS you cover all your security needs

The 3-2-1 rule is one of the most secure and widely used best practices to minimize risks of data loss or data theft. Using the 3rd copy approach, any single point of failure should be eliminated as much as possible. In the event of a failure, either on the technology or hardware side, in the event of cyber attacks or in the face of natural disasters, a copy of the data thus always remains in the company.


This means that disaster recovery can be carried out securely and as completely as possible. Companies are thus protected in all respects, knowing that their data is safe, that they cannot be blackmailed, and that they can maintain their business continuity in any case.

VIKING - Backup-Strategie, modular und skalierbar
VIKING solution architecture with 3rd copy approach

The 3-2-1 rule can be implemented in several ways, depending on the size of the data, the initial situation, such as existing concepts and software for storage and backup, and the type of offsite repository.


Depending on the vendor, the concepts may vary, whether it is another data copy or a complete backup server for restore, or the solutions where the data is located (e.g. various cloud providers). Alternatively, only the gateway is handed over and the customer is responsible for storing the data there.


Together with you, we clarify the options that are suitable for you and can get started quickly and easily, without any implementation effort on your side.


3-2-1-rule, 3rd Copy Approach
3-2-1 rule with 3rd copy approach

VIKING BaaS - Local Cloud Backup as a Service at a glance


  • Backup as a complete service
  • Disaster recovery through 3rd copy approach
  • Immutable Storage (Immutable Air Gap Storage)
  • Reduces attack surfaces through Zero Trust
  • Full cost control: Price/TB

Easily implemented

  • No system requirements
  • Perfect fit, delivered from one single hand
  • Up and running in just a few hours
  • Virtual appliance in the Empalis Cloud
  • No rights to production server required
  • Offsite data copy included

Why Empalis

  • German data center (ISO 27001 certification)
  • Multi-cloud platform concept

Markus Stumpf

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Cyberresilience - starting from concept over implementation up to service

Using the 3rd copy approach based on the 3-2-1 rule, independent of the vendor, we set up only one proprietary port for you, which writes your data online to a data center hosted by us. This way, your third copy of data is protected from any access (zero trust), immutable and undeletable - and thus safer from ransomware attacks.

The VIKING application is secured via external authentication and a proprietary protocol, which creates an additional hurdle for attackers to detect the connection and interfere.

The Social Firewall provides a completely detached environment in an arbitrarily scalable data center from a trusted, mid-sized provider that encrypts data and connection and is proactively monitored by us. With our VIKING Backup as a Service, you no longer have to worry about sizing, a project or operations.

With the location of our data center and services in Germany, we offer security in the standards according to the DSGVO compared to large cloud providers.


  • Cyber-resilient with ransomware-proof backups
  • Higher security: data at a remote location
  • Optimize what's already there: service already available as 3rd copy
  • Reduce the workload of your IT team with BaaS
  • Easy to start: No sizing, no project, no operation
  • Scalable to any TB
  • Complete backup solution can be installed if desired
  • Perfect for Veeam, ISP, ISPP, Cohesity users

Service by Empalis

  • Over 25 years of expertise in backup
  • Partnership advantages
  • German speaking service
  • Expert hotline in case of emergency