Realization and operation:
IT service tailored to your needs.

The IT infrastructure of companies is becoming increasingly complex. With this complexity, the tasks and fields of competence of the employees grow. The software must be kept up to date, proper backup of the data must be ensured, the intrusion of viruses, malware and other unauthorized access attempts prevented and the response to any possible incident has to be as quick as possible. It is not uncommon that lack of time and know-how make it difficult to stay up-to-date on all the relevant technology fields such as storage, network, backup, communications and security.

Empalis bundles the resources for you and offers you coordinated managed services, how, when and where you need them.

Our services

  • Managed Services for your Data Warehouse (ETL, Monitoring)
  • ESPlus for IBM Spectrum Protect
  • AIX IBM Power Infrastructure environment
  • Storage Area Network
  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize - SVC and Storwize
  • Middleware

Your benefits

  • Protection of internal resources
  • Access to broad technical knowledge
  • Minimization of risks (such as system failures, attacks, etc.)
  • Control over our activities