WorkshopIBM Spectrum Protect - Update 8.x (TD-ISPUPD) *


All new and enhanced features of Spectrum Protect version 8.
We offer this course with our partner Tech Data.

*Editor's note: Since version 8.1.19, the product is called "IBM Storage Protect", but is identical to IBM Spectrum Protect. The course offered here uses a version that still officially runs under the name IBM Spectrum Protect.

Current dates

06.09. - 08.09.2023 - Online/ Stuttgart 

06.12. - 08.12.2023 - Online / Hamburg


Dates and registration


Who is the course for

Have you been working with IBM Spectrum Protect for a long time and are interested in new functions - or are you planning an upgrade soon?
This 3-day IBM Spectrum Protect update course is designed for experienced users who want to refresh their knowledge in a compact training format and learn about modern data protection scenarios with IBM Spectrum Protect.

What you will learn in this course

The training is characterized by many practical exercises to learn update scenarios and new functionalities. In several chapters you will get detailed information about the new security features, the usage of container pools, node replication and other features up to the current version.
We also cover migration to the current version, the operating system change of the IBM Spectrum Protect database from Big Endian to Little Endian, and trending topics such as cloud and virtualization.
Lab exercises will be conducted on an environment with Windows and Linux VMs and the current versions of IBM Spectrum Protect.

Requirements for participation

Experience in administration and operation of IBM Spectrum Protect servers.

  • Development of IBM Spectrum Protect
  • Operations Center
  • Blueprints for IBM Spectrum Protect
  • Spectrum Protect Plus
  • IBM Spectrum Protect V8 installation
  • IBM Spectrum Protect and failover clusters
  • IBM Spectrum Protect Upgrade
  • Migrating from one operating system to another
  • Tablespace Conversion
  • Different levels of access for administrators
  • Securing communication protocols with TLS 1.2
  • Securing passwords
  • Node replication planning
  • Automatic failover
  • Restoration of corrupted files
  • Different policies
  •  Replication tasks
  • Container Pool Architecture
  • Directory Container Pools
  •  Container Pool Protection
  • Cloud Container Pools
  • Automating Tasks
  • Converting Legacy Pools to Container Pools
  • Backup methods for virtual machines
  • TDP for Vmware components
  • What additional features are available?
  • Latest enhancements and changes for IBM Spectrum Protect Server, Operations Center and Client

Our workshop language is German. If you are interested in an English training, please send us an email.

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