Fully automated monitoring & reporting


Automated monitoring, verification and reporting for your backup infrastructure



BACKUP EAGLE® provides complete control of all backups and restores in your organisation. Logs are generated daily for each backup/restore and can be sent automatically to the person(s) responsible. BACKUP EAGLE detects backups that have not been started immediately - whatever scheduling tool is used.

BACKUP EAGLE also documents the configuration of the backup servers on a daily basis. This includes a separate report containing all configuration changes since the last documentation.

The re-evaluation of production-irrelevant error messages significantly reduces the effort involved in daily monitoring.

Observation objects

  • Backup clients - configuration, backups and restores
  • Backup Server - Configuration and status
  • Backup devices - configuration and status


  • Control / Monitoring
  • Identification of all backups & restores
  • Identification of missing backups
  • Identification of backups with anomalies
  • Checks for backup servers / alert monitoring
  • Checks for backup devices / alert monitoring
  • Monitoring of capacities / developments
  • Reporting
  • Logs and reports on all backups & restores including missing backups
  • Audit and compliance reports
  • Identification of the current configuration
  • Identification of changes in the configuration
  • Status reports on backup servers and backup devices
  • Reports for capacity planning
  • Configurable dashboards for web and mobile devices


  • Identity Management
  • Ticket Tools
  • Asset DB
  • Control-M / UC4

Supported backup environments

  • IBM Storage Protect
  • Veeam
  • Dell EMC NetWorker
  • IBM Backup, Recovery & Media Services (BRMS) 

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