VIKING Backup Guardian - Cyber-protected Backup as a Full Service Solution

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Cyber Resilienz aufbauen: Wie Unternehmen NIS2 schnell und vereinfacht zu wesentlichen Teilen umsetzen können

Why cyber-protected Backups: No Ransomware!

Cyber-secure IT architectures are central to business continuity in enterprises. Cyber security approaches aim to prevent an attack - but an end-to-end cyber resilient approach is an indispensable building block, since preventing an attack appears almost impossible today. Phenomena such as zero-day attacks, but also typical cases of malware (malicious software), especially ransomware ("Blackmail software") show how unexpectedly attacks occur and suggest preparation for the worst case, so that companies are able to recover their data as quickly as possible in the event of an attack - and are thus not vulnerable to blackmail. Especially if you are using specialized or even older operating systems, or holding a large-scale network environment, your data is all the more targeted by eventual cyberattacks.


Such attacks are typically planned well in advance. IBM® Security X-Force Threat Intelligence Index reports that 44 percent of ransomware attacks hit businesses in Europe, 30 percent of which hit manufacturing. Pishing mails (41 percent), followed by publicly available apps (26 percent) and valid accounts (16 percent) are currently the main vulnerabilities that attackers successfully exploit. In addition, attacks (3.85 days in 2021) are occurring much faster than before (9.5 days in 2020, 60+ days in 2019), requiring a much faster response today.

Zero Trust and Immutability - Immutable Backups provide Security

Ransomware encrypts your data (crypto Trojans) so that you can no longer access it, or completely prevents you from using your computer (lockscreen Trojans) and then asks you to pay a ransom. The return of data after an extorted payment is not always guaranteed. Moreover, once the attacker has succeeded with his demand, it is not uncommon for further attacks from the Darknet to follow.


From this experience - now almost famous and just as true - we can say: The backup is the last line of defense against ransomware. The backup can equally be attacked by malware, making it impossible to restore the data.

Ransomware Detection und eine regelmäßig getestete Disaster Recovery sind die wichtigsten Maßnahmen zum Schutz vor Cyberkriminalität.
5 Fundamentals for Cyber Resilient Backup and Recovery

Ransomware Protection thanks to Backup as a Service

Ransomware detection and regularly tested disaster recovery are the most important measures to protect against cybercrime. Internally, IT teams often do not have the time and resources to regularly and fully perform complex disaster recovery tests and keep an eye on the backup environment.

Virtuelle Maschinen sichern in der Empalis Cloud: Mit KI-gestützter Anomalienerkennung
VIKING Backup Guardian solution architecture

3-2-1 rule for ransomware-proof backups

With immutable backups according to the 3-2-1 method and the 3rd copy approach, you run a particularly safe course: cloud strategies, hybrid or multicloud approaches involving different media types, supplemented by today's highly important tape backup offsite under compliance requirements, including data center locations - all these factors pay off in the long term for the security of your data.

3rd Copy Model für Datensicherung in Microsoft 365 mit VIKING 365
3rd Copy approach with the 3-2-1 rule
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AI-powered anomaly detection: Back up virtual machines in the Empalis Cloud.

With AI-powered anomaly detection, VIKING Backup Guardian proactively protects your data: anomalies are detected, analyzed and cleaned up through regular scans. This is done in the Empalis Cloud so that your productive data, production and operations can keep running undisturbed. We use CleanRoom™, the patented cyber recovery orchestration of our partner Predatar, for this purpose.

KI-gestützte Anomalienerkennung: Moderne Data Protection Virtueller Maschinen in der Empalis Cloud
AI-powered anomaly detection with VIKING and Predatar

AI-powered anomaly detection

Your data converges in your own or at our data center in Germany as a full-service performance

  • Multiple VMs are tested simultaneously
  • VMs with malware findings are cleaned automatically
  • VMs are kept online after restore and malware scans for analysis purposes
  • You receive history and adjustment of false-positive reports

VIKING Backup Guardian als Backup-Komplettlösung

VIKING Backup Guardian is immediately available, easily and fast implemented and scalable as required

  • Backup data is scanned automatically and regularly
  • Data recovery is tested regularly
  • The resilience of your data backup against cyber attacks is significantly strengthened.

Keeping your data safe with Empalis

VIKING Backup Guardian offers you a fast, efficient way to make complex IT infrastructures and the backup and recovery of your data attack-proof from the outset - so you don't leave any back door open to cybercriminals.


  • Complete backup solution
  • Disaster recovery through 3rd copy approach
  • Detection and response through cyber recovery testing
  • Immutable Storage (Immutable Air Gap Storage)
  • Reduces attack surfaces through Zero Trust
  • Scalable by number of VMs
  • Full cost control

Simply implemented

  • No system requirements
  • Perfect fit and from one source
  • Up and running within a few hours
  • Virtual appliance in the Empalis Cloud
  • No rights to production servers required
  • Offsite data copy included

Why Empalis

  • Location and data centers in Germany (ISO certified)
  • Multi-cloud platform concept
  • German-speaking managed service support