VIKING – powerful strategy for your backup

Future-proof through scalable appliance concept and easy-to-use plug-and-play solution


Every company has individual needs in the area of backup and data protection and requires an infrastructure adapted to these needs. A fast and easy-to-use solution, in short a data backup and recovery that just works.

Empalis VIKING Backup Architektur
With VIKING, you get a comprehensive backup solution with a modular design that you can configure and customize according to your individual needs.

Data protection on a new level

In addition to the flexible design, the complete separation of customer environment and appliance is a major advantage of VIKING. As a result, there is no single point to compromise or attack both production and backup environment.


The appliance concept gives us the flexibility to scale from 10 VMs up to several 1000 VMs and also integrate the Viking smoothly into existing Spectrum Protect landscapes. Due to its scalability, VIKING cannot only serve as a backup target, productive workloads can be verified and even started from this appliance.


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Optimal design for data redundancy

There are many options for creating data redundancy and integrating multiple physical storage locations. They range from simply replicating the data to any cloud storage or Spectrum Protect server, to creating a high availability multi-site environment.

All benefits of VIKING at a glance.

Plug and play solution

  • Agentless

  • Appliance concept

  • Instant Recovery

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Ransomware-Protection

  • Cloud-ready

Smart price-performance ratio

  • Transparent licensing model
  • 70% lower license costs
  • No expensive storage arrays
  • No additional license costs

Secured & safe

  • Clear separation of production and backup storage
  • Role-based access control
  • No backup data remains in the customer domain

Solid into the future

  • DR Flexibility
  • Additional backup possible: Microsoft 365, DB2, Oracle...
  • Hardware independent
  • State of the art architecture.

Word of Honour

  • Installation support by Empalis
  • Full managed appliance incl. Updates and Support by Empalis
  • 24x7 support possible
  • "Keep your hard drive" possible

A powerful data backup strategy means more than just a bundle of customized hardware and software.

Do you need to backup and restore data across a wide spectrum of sources? VIKING packs the cumulated experience of the Empalis Consulting team, coupled with excellent hardening on the underlying operating system.
Our integrated Service Support ensures that VIKING solutions are tailored perfectly to your needs and always update to the latest versions. In This way, you continue to benefit from any optimization even following initial set-up. 
Markus Stumpf
Empalis has been involved in backup software and hardware for more than 30 years. We support our customers when it comes to adapting new technologies in this area. Our Viking backup solution offers a broad set of options for you to protect your data.“ Markus Stumpf, Head of Data Protection Services