IBM Storage Protect SnapshotSecuring your storage systems "at the push of a button"

With IBM Storage Protect Snapshot, snapshots of storage systems can be created to backup and restore data.

It does not matter if the database is a few GB or many TB, as the snapshot functionality of the storage infrastructure is used. It supports enterprise database applications such as DB2 databases and Oracle databases, as well as SAP systems based on these databases. In addition, VMWare ESX based virtual machines can be protected in this way. IBM Storage Protect Snapshot seamlessly integrates with the IBM Storage Protect family and can offload the data to any storage media supported by Spectrum Protect Server.

Our consultants have many years of experience installing, operating and administering IBM Storage Protect Snapshot. We have used this knowledge to develop our own solution for the administration of ISPS Snapshot, the ISPSManager.

Our services

  • Licensing and Implementation of ISP Snapshot
  • Integration of ISP Snapshot into your system landscape
  • Architecture for the optimum protection of mission-critical enterprise environments
  • Development of scripts to secure your own applications
  • Support during operation and maintenance
  • Our solution for easy administration of ISPS: ISPSManager

Your benefits

  • Support on of a broad base of operating systems
  • Support for many storage subsystems and high availability scenarios
  • Radical shortening of the backup window with ISPS
  • Managing snapshot and backup tasks through a product eases the administrative burden

The following applications can be protected with ISP Snapshot

  • DB2 (also in an SAP environment)
  • DB2 in a partitioned database environment
  • Oracle (also with Automatic Storage Management (ASM) and in an SAP environment)
  • All other databases and applications (script-based) in a snapshot-supported file system
  • VMWare ESX Datastores

The following applications can be cloned with ISP Snapshot:

  • DB2 (also in an SAP environment)
  • DB2 in a partitioned database (DPF) environment
  • Oracle (also in an SAP environment, in an ISPS-supported file system)

The following storage solutions and file systems are supported by ISP Snapshot:

  • IBM® XIV Storage System
  • IBM Storwize
  • IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller
  • IBM System Storage DS8000
  • GPFS file system combined with custom applications.
  • EMC, HDS, HP, NetApp and Huawei storage systems via the RocketAdapter