NewsHealth Check with Predatar – Part 4 of the Series

Dr. Christian Biermann — 20. December 2023
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Empalis Health Check - Optimieren Ihrer Backup-Umgebung mit Predatar Insights

Part 4 of our Health Check series presents a Health Check based on the Predatar Insights product, alongside the approaches already introduced.

Optimize your backup environment with Predatar Insights

Predatar Insights is a free reporting and monitoring solution for IBM Storage Protect and other solutions. Predatar Insights provides you with a dashboard for your environment with a 30-day history.
In this article we will focus on the requirements and best practices for IBM Storage Protect.
Predatar Insights - Dashboard

The aim of the Health Check with Predatar 

  • Bring the environment up to date
  • To provide better, faster or cheaper alternatives to the current configuration where necessary
  • Identify problems and provide appropriate solutions.

The Health Check process with Predatar Insights

As part of a brief workshop, we look at your requirements for a backup solution and review your environment.
Ablauf des Health Checks mit Predatar Insights
Health Check evaluations with Predatar Insights

This involves displaying the graphical representations and information from Predatar Insights. We use the findings to create a results report that provides you with detailed information about the environment.

Other criteria in the report include stability and compliance with the SLAs discussed in the workshop.

Auswertung SLA-Compliance hinsichtlich Stabilität und Einhaltung mit Predatar Insights im Empalis Health Check
Evaluation of SLA compliance with regard to stability and compliance

On top of summarizing the findings in the report and presenting the results, you have the option to continue using Predatar Insights as a monitoring and reporting solution for your backup environment even after the health check has been completed.

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