NewsPress release: Empalis - high-performance service provider. Launch of new partnerships and tools for cyber-resilient data protection

Empalis Editorial Team — 31. October 2023
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Empalis Service Plus Managed Service - Backup bedarfsgerecht auf Sie zugeschnitten

Press release: Empalis - high-performance service provider. Launch of new partnerships and tools for cyber-resilient data protection.

Launch of new products and partnerships at Cyber Resilience Day 2023

Reutlingen. On October 26, 2023, Empalis Consulting GmbH announced the joint Empalis/pronexon Cloud and Empalis' new VIKING product series at its "Cyber Resilience Day" held together with new partner pronexon.


We celebrated the new partnership with pronexon together with customers and other partners by presenting the latest approaches to Cyber Resiliency in the context of key vendors and backup solutions for enterprise customers. The big win from this collaboration is a data center approach state-of-the-art on the part of pronexon, based on micro and macro segmentation.

Der Cyber Resilience Day 2023 fand am 26.10.2023 in Reutlingen statt
Cyber Resilience Day - Launch of the new partnership with pronexon and the new Empalis VIKING series

Thrilling Synergies with VIKING BaaS - Backup as a Service

The Empalis/pronexon Cloud creates new synergies for Backup as a Service / Cloud Backup based on the 3rd Copy approach.


With VIKING BaaS, Empalis offers a Backup as a Service solution that is a perfect complementary offsite solution for existing data protection architectures. It can be easily implemented within a few hours and connected to any other existing solution - a cost-transparent backup copy that supports any cyber security strategy in a ransomware-proof manner.

Modern Data Protection mit dem 3rd-Copy Ansatz: Cloud Backup as a Service VIKING BaaS
VIKING Baas - Backup as a Service as a modular, plug-in solution for more protection of your data

The end-to-end solution: VIKING Backup Guardian

For those organizations looking for a fully comprehensive backup protection and service, VIKING Backup Guardian offers a future-proof all-in-one solution: Individually tailored to the respective needs and also based on the 3rd Copy approach, it offers active cyber protection by AI-supported anomaly detection and cleanup. A fully smart backup solution.



VIKING Backup Guardian: No Ransomware! Cybergeschützte Backups as a Service-Komplettlösung
VIKING Backup Guardian - King of the VIKING series

VIKING 365 for Microsoft 365 backup

On-top in the VIKING portfolio - and the top seller: Backup for Microsoft 365 "VIKING 365 ".

Here, notable vendors and products also find first-class connectivity, with a pragmatic cost structure and the service level selectable as needed (on-premise or VIKING Appliance-driven). Far-reaching autonomy thus goes hand in hand with the level of service desired.

Backup für M365: Cyber Security beginnt mit einer cyberresilienten Backup-Lösung: VIKING 365
VIKING 365 for Microsoft 365 - Top seller of the VIKING series

Wasabi. Hot Storage with Empalis

Wasabi, a hot storage component with an impressive price-performance ratio, is an option that Empalis prefers to use at VIKING, in addition to other cloud solutions. This extension is appearing quietly in the background of VIKING solutions for Empalis customers and prospects, but also as a separately bookable service at Empalis. The advantages of Wasabi: reliable, cost-effective, scalable to any size.

End-to-end: VIKING Strategy Consulting and VIKING Appliance

The solutions presented in Reutlingen can either evolve from the VIKING strategy consulting or be offered as stand-alone solutions. Having started with the VIKING Appliance - which customers are already familiar with - the "VIKING" portfolio is now carefully embedded in a canon of vendor-independent, but at the same time proven product-affine approaches and architectures. After all, Empalis would not be Empalis if these approaches were not based on a well-founded strategy.


The VIKING offerings are flanked by the Empalis Health Check, which uses analysis and optimization to set up the appropriate approach for VIKING strategy consulting, and by Empalis Service Plus, the Empalis Managed Service.


Simply relax and enjoy security.

Future prospects: With Empalis IT Admins and their decision-makers benefit from knowledge transfer

Future prospects: With Empalis IT Admins and their decision-makers benefit from knowledge transfer

Empalis has maintained an "academy" spirit since its early beginnings and has always continued to deliver high quality knowledge. Events such as ELETS (Empalis Live Expert Talks), Noon2Noon events and presentations by its experts, including external events such as the IT security web conferences and the current VMware EXPLORE in Barcelona with IBM, are testimony to this.

We at Empalis are convinced that cyber resilience relies on early preparedness, which includes learning about and discussing the latest solutions and approaches for smart IT architectures. It is in line with our Empalis philosophy to bring our customers and partners unique and personal encounters that help them move forward. This is what Empalis stands for.

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