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Dr. Christian Biermann — 12. April 2023
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IBM Spectrum Protect Health Check: Client Sektion

Among other things, the Health Check allows us to identify whether backup windows are being adhered to or whether they overlap with internal server processes. In part 3 of the "Health Check" series, we examine the client section in a Health Check for IBM Spectrum Protect(ISP) in IBM Storage Protect.

Backup clients in IBM Spectrum Protect

IBM Spectrum Protect supports a variety of different backup clients. These can be application backups or clients for file system backup. Furthermore, an S3 interface for backup is available in IBM Spectrum Protect.

Backup windows should be observed

For all backups, it is important that they are complete and take place within the defined backup window. It is recommended to regularly perform exemplary restore tests. This not only verifies the restore capability, but also trains and tests the steps necessary to restore an application or data in the event of a disaster.

Abbildung 1: Überblick Client Activity
Figure 1: Overview Client Activity

Servers are designed for a defined load of parallel backups. Over time, bottlenecks can emerge here that have a negative impact on the overall progress of the backups. We visualize the workload of the systems over time.

Abbildung 2: IBM Spectrum Protect Client Activity Heatmap
Figure 2: IBM Spectrum Protect Client Activity Heatmap

This ensures identifying negative tendencies before they turn into a problem. These evaluations can be scaled down to policy domain or platform level.

Abbildung 3: Client Performance für eine Backup Domain
Figure 3: Client performance for a backup domain

In addition to the classic backup clients, Object Storage and NDMP backups are also considered separately in the Health Check.

Abbildung 4: Heatmap Object Storage Backup
Figure 4: Heatmap Object Storage Backup
Abbildung 5: Überblick NDMP Activity
Figure 5: Overview NDMP Activity

Identification of long runners

A further important aspect is the identification of long-running backups. These can indicate an inappropriate backup strategy for the corresponding backup.

Schedule of client backups

Another criterion for the health check is the performance of the scheduled client backups.

Abbildung 6: Client Schedule Erfolgsrate pro Domain
Figure 6: Client schedule success rate per domain

By graphically displaying the success rate or the progression over time, valuable information can be extracted from the system and evaluated accordingly.

Abbildung 7: Status Client Schedule Events
Figure 7: Status Client Schedule Events

The client versions used are also important for stable and secure operation of a backup environment. The Health Check provides an overview of the clients and identifies potential threats.


Together with the server-specific part of the IBM Spectrum Protect Health Check already presented, you get an overall view of the current state of your Storage Protect environment, with indications of potential improvements and possible risks.

Health Check article series

The following blog articles in this series address the various aspects we look at in the Health Check.


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