EventWeb Conference: "Cyber Resilience in the CRITIS Environment"

20. July 2023, 12:00-12:30 — Online | Registration required

Cyber Resilience in the Context of Critical Infrastructures.
Empalis at the IT Security 2023 Web Conference

Cyber-attacks, crises such as the pandemic, and potential power outages are testing the security of critical infrastructure (CRITIS). In our approach to the IT security web conference "CRITIS", we present what CRITIS operators need to know to secure themselves - before an attack happens.

Growing demands on IT security and business continuity management of CRITIS.

Critical infrastructures such as hospitals and clinics are under pressure: highly sensitive (patient) data must be protected, critical processes must be maintained and resumed as quickly as possible in the event of a crisis. Legislators are responding with increasingly stringent regulations and obligations for the risk and crisis management of CRITIS operators. Meeting these requirements poses numerous challenges for the entities concerned.

Cyber security requires a comprehensive strategy.

Cyber security is not a state, but a process, best possible with the goal to be resilient against attacks even before an attack happens. This preparedness, cyber resilience, includes risk management, protection of data and information, early detection and response to security incidents, and timely recovery - all of which require careful strategic planning.

This presentation looks at cyber resilience specifically in the context of critical infrastructure.

Attendees will learn how a cyber resilience strategy can be integrated into a valid business continuity management process and what components are important in the integration. The wide range of needs when setting up complex, process-oriented security concepts as well as the legal requirements will be closely examined.

Key points of the presentation:

  • How can cyber resilience be classified in the CRITIS context and what are the basic definitions?
  • How can cyber resilience be integrated into a business continuity process?
  • Which essential components play a role in the implementation of cyber resilience?
  • How can companies implement a corresponding security strategy using a comprehensive concept?


Michael Melcher is a Senior Consultant in the Data Protection Team at Empalis.

He brings over 20 years of experience in the backup environment, IT engineering, implementation, architecture design and project management to his work as a consultant and solution architect.


The morning will be introduced and concluded by an expert keynote from a hospital on the topic of business continuity management. Empalis will be presenting its solutions/services on this topic as one of the six on the day.


The event is organized by the IT-SICHERHEIT web conference and kes as well as the Krankenhaus-IT-Journal and ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK.


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