Tape Management

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Manage removable media with IBM DFSMSrmm? We are one of the most internationally renowned service providers for the optimal use of tape management with IBM DFSMSrmm.

Tape Management with IBM DFSMSrmm

DFSMSrm is a feature of the IBM z / OS operating system and helps manage removable media (such as tape cartridges).

A removable media library is managed at multiple levels. DFSMSrmm stores and manages removable media in different types of media libraries, as an enterprise-wide library across systems and sysplexes.

  • DFSMSrmm Review and Healthcheck
  • Conversion of different tape management systems to the IBM Tape Management System DFSMSrmm
  • DFSMSrmm implementation and performing upgrades
  • DFSMSrmm merge and split
  • Tape Copy Support with the Tape Copy Tool: Enhancing DFSMSrmm: "ORACLE to IBM" (logical and physical volumes) and "IBM to IBM" (old libraries - logical and physical volumes)
  • ADDONS Tool: Enhancing DFSMSrmm
  • GRID Synchronization Service - for fast synchronization of a TS7700 in a GRID
  • DFSMSrmm Workshops or Training