Storage Area Network (SAN)We guarantee maximum storage with minimum loading times.

Secure and fast access to data is becoming increasingly important in the IT world. This is where a Storage Area Network (SAN) can be an important and valuable component.

A SAN provides a secure and reliable connection of storage subsystems and tape libraries to your servers. The "fiber channel" technology used here enables the highest possible data throughput. The "dual fabric" strategy can significantly increase the reliability. The physical separation from the LAN also has a positive effect. With increasing size and number and heterogeneity, SAN administration requirements are increasing significantly.

We would be happy to assist you with our experienced administrators.

Huge storage space

Extremely high speed

data transfer (about 1.6 GB / second)

High redundancy

through RAID arrays

Risk minimization

by distributing the system across different locations

Our services

  • Consulting and construction of SAN environments
  • Integration of storage subsystems into existing SAN environments
  • Integration of new components such as hosts, tapedrives into existing SAN environments
  • Operation and maintenance of SAN environments
  • Operation and maintenance IBM and Brocade switches
  • Operation and Maintenance BNA (Brocade Network Advisor)
  • FOS update