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Backup and recovery in the blink of an eye

Growing file systems, dwindling backup windows - the challenges of backing up and restoring large amounts of data and files are growing.
However, the dsmISI MAGS module developed by General Storage solves this problem. In addition to the IBM Spectrum Protect Client, dsmISI MAGS expedites the process of identifying data when backing up and restoring that data.
In particular, companies with unstructured data (big data, file services) can drastically reduce the enormously long file system scan times before the actual incremental backup.

Features - dsmISI MAGS:

  • is a powerful solution for backing up and restoring large file systems
  • supports CIFS and NFS (and other Unix) file systems
  • serves as wrappers to the IBM Spectrum Protect client
  • offers "incremental forever" strategy

Our Services

  • Expert advice on dmISI MAGS
  • Conducting test runs to find the best configuration for you
  • Support for the implementation and operation of the solution

Your benefits

  • Reducing the backup time of file systems
  • Very high degree of parallelisation of backup streams
  • Reduction of recovery times of large file systems
  • Use of a native ISP backup / archive client
  • Possibility of replacing backup procedures such as NDMP backups, SnapDiff backups of Netapp filers and journal-based backups and thus eliminating dependencies.

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