Empalis Live Experts TalkCOHESITY: Cybersecurity through modern data management

02. May 2023, 14-15 h — Online | Without reservation

Elet Empalis Live Experten Talk

We have been doing data protection, backup and disaster recovery for over 30 years. Today, we are at the pivotal point of a cyber resilience approach from which data management can no longer be imagined without: with COHESITY. We present you the most important advantages and features.

More cyber-resilient through data management approach


Mastering data complexity - a modern data management approach includes governance, simplification and the elimination of data silos. - This is a paradigm shift that we find highly exciting and, after some time as observers, have started to implement for our customers, because we are convinced: high data volumes, increased compliance requirements, and at the same time demanded location-independence up to the Data Management as a Service concept require modern solutions.


Cohesity offers a software-defined solution that goes beyond backup and recovery to serve as a universal data platform that not only controls data growth through simplicity and scalability, but also provides added value through services such as data migration (HSM), replication, immutability and tiering. These are just a few of the many reasons why we also implement our popular managed service with COHESITY.


From this wealth of experience, we want to share with you at ELET on May 2 our key insights, the benefits and criteria that fall into the scale for modern data management.

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