EventRansomware-proof backups: AI-supported malware scanning - Empalis presentation at the IT Security Web Conference

04. September 2024, 12:00 - 12:30 am — Online | Registration required

Detect malware, remove it and restore your backup data effectively and securely by using an intelligent solution
- with a fully managed service. Free registration (german language).

At the IT-SICHERHEIT web conference "malware protection", Empalis will be presenting an automated, fully managed service solution for securing and restoring critical backup data.

Multiple threats, one solution: malware-proof backups

Attackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their cyber attacks, but internal risks such as (un)intentional data manipulation or deletion are also increasing (see Capterra Security Report 2024 ).


A cyber-resilient backup remains the last line of defense. But what if the backup is already infected or was even the target of the attack? Continuous scanning, testing and cleaning helps to quickly detect and remove malware and restore damaged data.

Detect malware before it's too late - with AI-based anomaly detection

The presentation introduces an efficient backup solution that combines AI-based anomaly detection with a fully managed service. Bernd Hanebuth will present the Empalis solution VIKING Backup Guardian.


Using a live demo, he will show how the solution uses AI algorithms to quickly and reliably identify anomalies in the backup, restores backup data in an isolated environment and cleans it up with a malware scanner.


VIKING Backup Guardian saves an additional copy of the data in the Empalis Cloud, performs regular restore tests for existing VMs and cleans them up if necessary.


You will also learn about the flexible booking options of this fully managed service.

Focus of the presentation:

  1. Cyber resilience as the basis for data recovery
  2. Recovery training in the CleanRoom: AI-supported anomaly detection in the VIKING Backup Guardian Sandbox
  3. VIKING Backup Guardian solution architecture
  4. Live demo
  5. Advantages of the fully managed Empalis Cloud solution


Bernd Hanebuth is a Consultant in the Empalis Operations & Service Team. He brings over 20 years of professional experience in the network, backup and security environment to his work as a consultant and solution architect.


The event will open with an expert keynote that will shed light on the topic in general. Decision-makers and IT managers will also receive practical tips for selecting a suitable solution. The agenda for the IT SICHERHEIT web conference is currently under construction and will be updated on an ongoing basis.


Participation is free of charge. Receive an e-mail reminder when the event is available for booking:

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We look forward to see you on September 4 at 12:00 noon!

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