IBM Spectrum Protect PlusFor fast backup, data recovery and management

Simplified protection for your data

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is a solution for data protection and availability in virtual environments. It increases data availability by using Snapshot technology for fast backup, data recovery, and management.

ISP Plus is implemented in minutes and protects your environment within an hour. This solution simplifies the protection of your data, whether it is being hosted in a physical, virtual, software-defined, or cloud-based environment.

It can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or linked to your IBM Spectrum Protect environment to make copies scalable and outsource them efficiently for long-term data storage and data governance.

Our services

  • Empalis offers certified consultants for this new solution
  • Our experts offer seminars and training courses with ISP Plus
  • We help automate VM Backups or Restores for DevOps approaches and integration with external schedulers
  • With Predatar (link included) you can keep an eye on your Spectrum Protect Plus and Spectrum Protect infrastructure or be supported by our services
  • Advice on the efficient use of Spectrum Protect Plus and licensing (Cross Licensing of Spectrum Protect Servers)

Your benefits

  • For years we have been working on different virtual environment backup strategies (TSM4VE, Veeam, Spectrum Protect Plus).
  • We are also a VMware partner and can analyze and optimize your infrastructure holistically.
  • Tailored solutions enable us to achieve low TCO costs for virtual infrastructures.
  • IBM Spectrum Protect Plus provides a simple web-based administration interface targeted not only at IT professionals but also at application managers.
  • Spectrum Protect Plus is installed within minutes, and in less than an hour productive backups of your VM infrastructure are already possible.
    With the software-based approach, Spectrum Protect Plus supports a wide variety of storage systems which favors the use of existing hardware.