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Automation Support Suite (ASS):

Improves, supports, protects

The Automation Support Suite (ASS) is a powerful, extensible feature package designed to assist the administrator. For the automation of z systems with TSA for z / OS and the applications running on them.

In detail, ASS provides the following functions:

1.    Security Agent
2.    Data Distribution Agent
3.    Development Helper Agent

Your benefits

  • Improving operational performance
  • Help with error prevention during data distribution
  • Improving the reliability of the service
  • through a synchronized and controlled distribution of all relevant automation data to ensure the relevant systems within the company
  • Development of structured and comprehensible REXX scripts
  • Support against attacks or unauthorized access to services and to comply with the security policies of the company or even the government

Our flyer: Automation Support Suite
The Automation Support Suite (ASS) provides a powerful, expandable function package to support the administrator in the automation of the mainframes (System z) and the ones running on them. It is based on NetView for z / OS and System Automation for z / OS (SA z / OS).

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