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Tape Management with IBM DFSMSrmm

We are one of the most internationally renowned service providers for the optimal use of tape management with IBM DFSMSrmm! DFSMSrm is a feature of the IBM z / OS operating system and helps manage removable media (such as tape cartridges).

A removable media library is managed at multiple levels. DFSMSrmm stores and manages removable media in different types of media libraries, as a cross-system, cross-system, cross-system library.

Our services:

  • DFSMSrmm Review and Healthcheck
  • Conversion of different tape management systems to the IBM Tape Management System DFSMSrmm
  • DFSMSrmm implementation
  • DFSMSrmm performing upgrades
  • DFSMSrmm merge and split
  • Tape Copy Support with the Tape Copy Tool: Enhancing DFSMSrmm
    • "ORACLE to IBM" (logical and physical volumes)
    • "IBM to IBM" (old libraries - logical and physical volumes)
  • ADDONS Tool: Enhancing DFSMSrmm
  • GRID Synchronization Service - for fast synchronization of a TS7700 in a GRID
  • DFSMSrmm Workshops or Training

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