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IBM Spectrum Virtualize (SVC and Storwize) - the comprehensive storage solution from IBM

For a simple, better and secure data management!

With IBM® Spectrum Virtualize ™ you get the ideal solution to manage and protect your media.

The resulting Storewize product family thus offers great flexibility and enables the continuous growth of the data volume even in a heterogeneous environment.

Among other things, features such as virtualization of internal storage and thin provisioning are used.

Our services:

  • Performance investigations: The performance data are taken from the SVC cluster and graphically processed.
  • Migrate data between different storage subsystems: In the virtualized environment, data moves from one storage subsystem to another without interruption.
  • Transferring Data to Virtualization: Existing data is virtualized and can then leverage the full capabilities of IBM® Spectrum Virtualize ™.
  • Building SVC Cluster and Storwize
  • Building SVC Enhanced Stretched Clusters
  • Integration of SVC and Storwize in the SAN environment
  • Storwize: Extensions for additional disks and enclosures
  • SVC: Extension by additional IO groups
  • SVC Node replacement: The uninterrupted replacement of individual SVC nodes enables an uninterrupted update of the hardware.
  • Operation and maintenance of SVC clusters and Storwizes
  • Firmware update

Your benefits:

  • Increased security combined with high availability of your data
  • Simple management and thus reduced complexity of your data - regardless of your existing infrastructure
  • Lower costs for data storage and management
  • Possibility to use hybrid clouds and private clouds (including continuous mirroring and snapshots)

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