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Storage - Extension & Customization:

Storage - pioneering data protection solutions from the experts

Not only must data be securely stored today, but it must also be available as quickly as possible, at any time and at any place. The performance of the systems must be getting better and better due to the steadily increasing amounts of data. The user-friendliness best corresponds to a private cloud usage. And all this possible with decreasing costs.

Automating processes, gaining flexibility through software definded storage, and integrating cloud services are at the top of many companies' to-do lists.

Empalis advises you on expanding and customizing your storage management - based on decades of experience and advanced technologies such as Virtual Tape Library and Data Deduplication.

Our services:

  • Storage conceptions
    • Auditing (to describe economic and technical optimization potentials and to forecast data growth)
    • Creation of storage concepts and development of strategies for the expansion, adaptation and conversion of storage solutions
    • Development of tenders for change projects
    • Advice on usage models for "Backup as a Service"
    • Innovative operating concepts
  • Creation of complex profitability analyzes and technical concepts including their realization
  • data consolidation
  • Storage virtualization
  • Cloud storage
  • Mainframe storage solutions and DFSM
  • Procurement of software and hardware
  • training
  • project management

Tasks and Products:

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