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SPSS Modeller

Your tool for using Artificial Intelligence

To implement your Predictive Analytics project, we use software that supports all steps of the CRISP (Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining) process with a graphical user interface, thus making data mining users suitable.
With the support of our experts, discover promising applications and apply the available algorithms and methods – such as decision trees, clustering techniques or neural networks – to implement a predictive analytics application.

Our services

  • Install, update, upgrade and configure SPSS Modeller
  • Usage of case development and pilot implementation
  • Design and implementation of text and data mining projects
  • Training, coaching and introduction to Predictive Analytics and SPSS

Your benefits

  • A tool for the entire analysis process: planning, data collection, analysis, reporting and implementation
  • Powerful modeling, evaluation and automation capabilities
  • Flexible decision management on the ground, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution
  • Predictive insights from your data for effective, new business strategies

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