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Use artificial intelligence and deep learning for business success with IBM PowerAI.

Integrated machine learning solutions from IBM for "Data Science as a Service".

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) are on everyone's lips. Shopping basket analyzes, sales / sales forecasts and comparable predictive analytics applications are now mainstream and no longer offer a real competitive advantage. This raises the question of a promising digital strategy and the appropriate technological infrastructure.

You may have already formulated an AI strategy for your business, but you are still unsure which hardware, software and toolsets would suit your purpose best. The choice is not easy: many of the myriad software solutions on the market do not support all phases of the lifecycle of ML initiatives. And for complex installation work and waiting times in the model calculation, the time of the few available specialists in this field is too precious.

Last but not least, the flood of increasingly complex information from images, videos, sensor data etc. fuels the need for highly scalable storage and backup solutions with high security precautions and high-frequency data processing.


Why IBM PowerAI?

IBM PowerAI's approach is in many ways consistent with our understanding of modern analytics landscapes, making it ideal for technology support for our best practices in ML and AI initiatives.

PowerAI combines the best of both worlds (hardware, software, support) with the ability to leverage commercial, highly-specialized software such as PowerAI Vision or Watson Studio to provide a more user-friendly support for the specialist's work.



IBM PowerAI Base is a software suite that includes open source machine learning frameworks such as Scikit-Learn and DL frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Caffe. It includes a variety of features to increase performance and reduce training time for DL models.
In a more comprehensive business version, the IBM Watson Machine Learning Accelerator, the AI solution combines common open source frameworks for DL with efficient AI development tools and accelerated, unrestricted IBM Power Systems servers and makes them readily available. IBM support is also included.

The platform provides data scientists with the ability to create and manage Spark clusters, sharing the underlying resources of the IBM Watson Machine Learning Accelerator servers, including memory, CPUs, and GPUs.
The PowerAI Distributed Deep Learning and extensive model support allows for faster results. Model development tools include real-time visualization of training, accuracy monitoring at runtime, and hyper-parameter search and optimization. The Distributed DL can scale to thousands of nodes.
The Watson Machine Learning Accelerator software package includes Anaconda Libraries, IBM PowerAI Base, and IBM Spectrum Conductor Deep Learning Impact (DLI) - see also Figure 1.
The platform can be enriched, among others, with IBM PowerAI Vision.



IBM PowerAI Vision

IBM PowerAI Vision

In the context of image recognition and processing,  tagging (marking content) videos and images is a central and complex task for learning the deep learning algorithms. IBM PowerAI Vision is an efficient tool for this. PowerAI Vision includes an intuitive toolset that allows business leaders to quickly and easily create vision models without the need for coding or deep learning expertise. By combining vision software with faster IBM® Power Systems ™, you can quickly deploy a fully optimized and supported platform with tremendous power. The use cases range from autonomous driving through drone detection, video surveillance and fraud detection to the diagnosis of cancer cells.


Practical examples and applications

Power AI provides a rich set of analysis capabilities that can derive patterns and models from large amounts of data. Typical applications are therefore common:

- Image recognition and classification for cases such as fraud and plagiarism detection, detection of prohibited content, evaluation of drone images (for example, in counts)

- Speech recognition e.g. by language assistants (including independent language learning) or in translation software

- AI in computer games

- Autonomous driving

- Prediction of customer buying behavior

Our services:

  • We will investigate and discuss with you specific use cases of Power AI for your company or for your digital strategy.
  • If required, we will set up a pilot project with you to meet your requirements and thus test whether we can successfully implement them with Power AI.
  • We discuss with you whether your existing Predictive Analytics applications can be migrated to an integrated, high-performance, future-proofed environment.
  • We integrate Power AI into your application landscape.

Your benefits:

  You get a complete hardware and software package from a leading provider (including support).

  • The included, comprehensive toolset is immediately functional and ready for you.
  • Other products, e.g. for storage (IBM Spectrum Scale, Elastic IBM Storage Server), Compute (Nvidia Power Systems, IBM Power Systems - Power 8 / Power 9) or Security are easily integrated or partially already included.
  • When a model is ready, it can be immediately used as an application within a machine and scalably trained using Distributed Learning.
  • The connection between GPU and IBM Power 8 or Power 9 ensures shorter training times - for example, 4 Power9 servers with GPUs achieved 46 times faster processing than 90 x86 CPUs.
  • Thanks to its enormous computing power, PowerAI is not only suitable for the creation of complex machine learning models, but also for model applications that are to be executed in real time.
  • Despite the scope, you will receive the PowerAI package at a fair price.

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