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Predictive Analytics - predictions based on your data:

Make statements about tomorrow with yesterday's data and today's technologies.

Due to the increasing flow of internal and external data, classical analysis methods are no longer sufficient today for the supply of information using all relevant data.

By using state-of-the-art predictive analytics approaches, however, you can identify patterns and relationships in your data and documents to produce reliable and traceable forecasts of future developments in your business. On this basis, you are able to make faster and better decisions than with conventional analysis methods, while at the same time creating enormous competitive advantages.

This can be done, for example, by the application of text and data mining methods:

  • Segment customers into homogeneous groups to improve the response.
  • Use feedback from customers for product improvement or assortment optimization.
  • Predict costs and sales volumes.
  • Explain and predict machine failures.

We accompany you in the identification of promising applications, as well as in the selection, introduction and / or development of a suitable Predictive Analytics solution - from the selection of the right methodology to the implementation of the project.

In terms of technical implementation, we primarily rely on the market leader IBM SPSS Modeller, which combines easy operation with extensive functions.

Your benefits:

The fields of application for Predictive Analytics are diverse - as are the respective benefits:

  • Cause research for sources of error, failures and malfunctions
  • Reduction of production costs through quality improvement
  • Higher customer acquisition rate and sales increase
  • Greater liquidity through accurate forecasting of costs, default or late payment
  • Increased on-time delivery and delivery capability
  • Improved use of resources

Tasks and Products:

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