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Middleware - We offer the right solution:

Full integration of your systems and processes

In the course of the constantly growing networking and distribution of systems, a central instance for the reduction of complexity becomes more and more important.
Middleware includes several products for application integration and the provision of infrastructure services. It acts as a unified layer between systems and applications, allowing distributed applications and processes to interact across network boundaries.

We advise you competently and include in this regard a suitable middleware solution. We combine technology, product and process expertise - at the application level as well as at the infrastructure level.
As an IBM Silver Partner, we are specialized in technology for the IBM product family Websphere.

Our services:

  • Consulting (technologies, products, processes)
  • Conception of a suitable solution
  • Running your middleware solution
  • Licensing of deployed IBM software

Your benefits:

  • Standardization by definition of paths, settings, etc.
  • Increased transparency thanks to standardization in the structure
  • Improved management of your applications and processes
  • Increased quality of your IT services

Tasks and Products:

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