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Mainframe Systems - economical, reliable and future-oriented:

Efficient solutions based on IBM z / OS, z / VM and zLinux.

When it comes to dealing with IBM z / OS and z / VM, we are the ones for you. We also offer outsanding experience and expertise in z / Linux, the porting of Linux to the IBM mainframe platform System z.

We provide support in making optimum use of the technological potential of System z. From complex contexts, we design efficient solutions - whether it's about optimized system operation with maximum availability, questions about the RACF security interface, the Kerberos authentication service or storage management, and hardware configurations on System z.

We also provide support in the environment of System z, all while being economical, reliable and future-oriented: We ensure the up-to-dateness of your software, the high availability of data, create optimal resource management and secure your company investments comprehensively, all while making sure these are future-oriented.

Your benefits:

  • Increased performance of your operating systems (Performance Tuning)
  • Use of technological innovations
  • Optimal use of the potential of system z
  • Efficient solutions for resource-efficient operation
  • Highest availability of your data and systems
  • Highest security

Our services:

  • High availability solutions and system automation
  • Optimization of existing systems
  • Replacement of outdated technologies and processes
  • Efficient implementation of release changes and new versions
  • Integration of companies and organizational units
  • Migration of platforms and operating systems
  • Disaster & Recovery Management
  • Design of the certificate management

Tasks and Products:

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