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Distributed Systems:

We manage your data center.

The demands on IT service providers are constantly increasing. Virtually every data center today has to address the issues of SAN, server virtualization, monitoring, configuration management and, above all, availability, with the individual topics increasingly intertwined. In addition, when considering the IT operation, economic aspects become more and more crucial; there is less and less room for the evaluation of new techniques.

Based on our decades of experience, we provide you with accompanying support for all steps towards an optimally deployed data center infrastructure.

Our services:

  • Advice on conception
  • Advice on the selection of components
  • Support in implementation and adaptation to specific needs
  • Support in system support and administration
  • Troubleshooting assistance

High Availability:

One of our focal points is the subject of high availability in the environment of UNIX, Linux and Windows.
Decisive for the effective availability of a service is always the overall concept, the individual hardware and software components must work together optimally.

  • IBM PowerHA (former HACMP)
  • IBM System Automation for Multiplatforms
  • Oracle Solaris Cluster (former Sun Cluster)
  • Red Hat Cluster Suite
  • Heartbeat


High availability mechanisms are now often an integral part of databases and applications. We have in-depth expertise for:

  • Oracle DB with DataGuard, Oracle RAC and Streams
  • IBM DB2 with HADR
  • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager high availability
  • Lotus Domino Cluster
  • IBM WebSphere Clustering Service

Your benefits:

  • A data center whose infrastructure is optimally adapted to your needs
  • High availability of your data
  • Resource conservation thanks to automated, parallel processes
  • Increased performance thanks to a scalable system
  • Increased reliability through redundant distribution of functionalities and use of alternative hardware and software components
  • Transparency thanks to hidden distribution of the individual system components
  • Low cost

Tasks and products:

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