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IBM DataStage:

Powerful, highly scalable data processing platform in near real time

Big Data is the foundation for comprehensive analysis that leads to better decisions. However, the integration of large volumes of organized and structured data is often very slow and time-consuming.

IBM DataStage is the IBM standard for data integration of mass data and data governance. The powerful, highly scalable platform helps you discover, prepare, integrate, and manage your data, and enables data processing using the latest methods.

Benefit from our many years of experience in data integration with IBM DataStage.

Our services

  • Development of solution architectures
  • Planning and implementation of integration solutions
  • Implementation of DataWarehouse layers
  • DataWarehouse Automation
  • Implementation of deployment procedures
  • Introduction of proven standards
  • Operational support
  • Integration with the help of industry standards
  • Provision of data lineage information
  • Introduction of data governance systems
  • Operation of your DWH application AMS

Your benefits

  • Fast and secure data processing throughout its lifetime
  • Easy application for IT and other departments
  • Use of proven standards and methods

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