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Data Warehouse Model and Modeling

Use agile DWH models to provide enterprise-wide metrics as the basis for your reporting

The Data Warehouse is the basis for analyzing your data and thus for your business success. Here, all your relevant data is merged, condensed and retrievable. Before implementing a corresponding DWH architecture, it should therefore be exactly clarified how the data should be processed later, which systems should access it and how, when and where it should be available.

Our experts have many years of project experience in the DWH environment and help you find a comprehensive solution that optimally integrates into your BI landscape.

Our services

  • BI maturity level measurement
  • Derivation of measures for the optimization of the BI maturity level
  • Implementation of standards and quality gates
  • Standards in Modeling - ADAPT
  • Support in the development of company-wide key figures
  • Data Warehouse modeling to DataVault
  • Expansion of the standard Data Warehouse architecture with big data aspects
  • Integration with the help of industry standards
  • Data Lineage
  • Data Governance
  • Many years of experience in modeling and development
  • Specialized Database Hardware (IBM Pure Data for Analytics, short: IBM PDA)
  • Application Management and Support
  • Operation of the integration layer

Your benefits

  • Fix data integration problems
  • Fixed performance issues (old DWH solutions)
  • Harmonization of your data
  • Historicization of your data
  • Evaluation of machine data
  • Providing company-wide uniform key figures
  • Possibility to connect to streams
  • Planning, reporting and analysis based on all available, structured and unstructured data

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