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Big Data Strategy

Maturity measurement, project success plans, architectures and BI CC

Many companies have already recognized the potential of Big Data for their business success. Now it is important to derive a suitable strategy in order to use the existing data and information profitably. In addition to the use of new technologies, this mainly requires the design and implementation of new concepts to meet the information needs. In addition, knowledge of corporate structures, psychology and diplomacy is required to communicate results and the resulting cross-departmental and cross-company consequences. A maturity measurement at the beginning of a corresponding big data project sheds light on the status quo of corporate structures and BI infrastructure.
Capitalize on our entire portfolio of tried-and-tested patterns and standards with which we competently support you..

Goals and Benefits of Big Data Projects

  • Explorative analysis of internal and external information to uncover previously unknown relationships
  • Fast and targeted fulfillment of information requirements
  • Avoidance of a standard report flood
  • Avoidance of data overload through targeted information collection
  • Supplement existing analyzes and reports with new sources of information

Our services

  • We perform a maturity measurement of your business intelligence
  • We derive measures to achieve your BI strategy
  • We show you how to generate added value from data
  • We have agile methods to build DWH systems
  • We support your change process to build your BI department with proven methods
  • We show you ways for effective data analysis

Your benefits

As a result, you benefit from a secure decision-making basis through:

  • High-quality key figures for corporate management
  • Savings due to setting standards and quality gates
  • Predictable effort thanks to defined release cycles in development

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