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Big Data and Data Science

for your Data Journey

Exploring your data

Our data experts will accompany you on your personal data journey. With up to 20 years of experience, they are probably some of the pioneers of data warehousing and business intelligence. With the development of the technical and technological areas around data integration (ETL), data warehouse architecture and modeling, reporting and analysis as well as data mining and data science, they were able to further expand their knowledge and skills. Today our team is one of the few “native speakers” on the data map and would like to use the accumulated knowledge to go on a discovery tour with you.


Would you like to travel to the country of data? Let’s go together!

No matter whether a long-distance trip to unknown countries or a weekend trip to the mountains. Just like traveling, projects and challenges are always different. Therefore, it is important to determine in advance what type of trip exactly is desired respectively what should be achieved with the project.
Just as a good tour operator will ask the travelers exactly what they want to experience on the trip, how much the trip may cost and when the trip should start and end, so we also work out a project success plan with our customers with all relevant framework conditions for the project.
But the way of traveling is also constantly changing. With our portfolio, we always focus on the changing wishes and needs of our customers as well as the latest trends and technologies on the market.


The path is the goal: Developing ideas for innovation together.

Our approach to projects has developed and improved over the years and through our experience - from the classic waterfall to iterative processes and agile methods. Because one thing is certain: there are unforeseen events on every trip. And often this is precisely the attraction.


We'll take you safely up the mountain. Or down the river. Or across the sea. With the right tools in your luggage.

Regardless of whether you only need support to achieve a goal or want to conquer a large-scale project landscape: We have the right methods and tools for you. Our aim is to support you in exploring your data and to give you insights that enrich your company.

  •         We find the right target (requirements recording, health check)
  •         We plan the trip (project management, Scrum Master)
  •         We bring you to the hotspots (architecture, implementation)
  •         We make sure that everything runs smoothly on site (reviews)
  •          We make your trip unforgettable (successful implementation and guaranteed goal achievement)


Traveling for individualists: Self Servcie Business Intelligence

The great days of package tours are over and classic standard reporting is used almost everywhere. Now the evaluations have to become more individual and flexible, which means that the focus is no longer on the perfect alignment and layout of standard reports, but on the broadest possible information base, which users can use by simple analysis tools to ask about a wide variety of aspects, which is also fast and can be easily expanded.
Finding the right approach for the intelligent integration of data here is just as demanding as planning an individual trip.

Now the journey into the future. Finding undiscovered or hidden information with AI and machine learning.

By the use of modern self-service business intelligence applications, the data journey is far from over yet. We use the proven mathematical methods of machine learning or deep learning to digitize routine work or to gain knowledge from data that is hidden in the crowd. We trust the proven solutions of our partners for hardware, software and cloud solutions as well as innovative solutions in the open source area. You are allowed to do what guarantees the achievement of the aim and thereby facilitates the journey.

Stories from our travel diary:


Sport vacation

One of our projects was about exceeding sporting stage goals. In short, we have digitized sports equipment in order to gain insights from training runs, which in turn are then used for simulations. This massively increases the training intensity and frequency, which gives the athlete, in the truest sense of the word, a competitive advantage.


City trip

For a customer case in the retail environment, we use the latest hardware and processor technology to create deep learning models. These are used to present customized advertising to viewers of digital advertising elements. In order to safeguard personal rights, only image data of customers' clothing and shoes are used to assign them to a predefined customer group based on the data collected.

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