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Big Data - profitable use of data:

Strategies and technologies for optimal use of your data.

In order to make large amounts of structured and unstructured data usable for planning, reporting and analysis, a suitable IT infrastructure is required. In recent years, this has increasingly developed from a classic information system to a comprehensive BI tool for big data.

The profitable use of big data requires not only the use of new technologies, but also the design and implementation of new concepts to meet the information needs.

Our experts adopt a holistic approach and develop individual big data strategies that are tailored to your needs and circumstances.

Our services:

  • Identification of new information requirements of associated information sources
  • Enrichment of your current BI and DWH strategy with a Big Data strategy
  • Adapt your IT processes and architecture to Big Data requirements
  • Conception and implementation of a big data landscape (possible transfer to the cloud)
  • Operate your existing big-data landscape

Your benefits:

  • Explorative analysis of internal and external information to uncover previously unknown relationships
  • Fast and targeted fulfillment of information requirements
  • Avoidance of a standard report flood
  • Avoidance of data overload through targeted collection of information
  • Supplementing of existing analyses and reports with new sources of information
  • Fix data integration problems
  • Fix performance issues (old DWH solutions)
  • Harmonization and historicization of your data
  • Evaluation of machine data
  • Provision of company-wide uniform key figures
  • Possibility to connect to streams
  • Planning, reporting and analysis based on all available (structured and unstructured) information

Tasks and Products:

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