Email encryption
Secure e-mail communication with SEPP Mail

Especially since the GDPR, which came into force in May 2018, the issue of mail encryption plays an even greater role than before. Companies must increasingly store customer data in encrypted form and / or only pass it on in encrypted form.

We rely on the mail encryption solution from the Swiss company SEPPmail. SEPPmail is a multi-tenant-capable solution based on the manufacturer's patented GINA Mail technology, which enables companies to automatically encrypt emails without generating high administrative overhead on the sender or receiver side.

  • Advice on the selection
  • Assistance in planning
  • Implementation of the SEPPMAIL solution that suits you

Your benefits

  • Automatic e-mail encryption and decryption within the usual e-mail client based on a special ruleset engine, without further software installation, with support of all common standards
  • Automatic management and encryption in the SEPPmail appliance of sent e-mails and attachments (from an adjustable size) and subsequent secure transmission to the recipient via the large-file management feature
  • Convenient digital e-mail signature with user certificate confirming the integrity of the message and the authenticity of the sender
  • Managed PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) for the automatic issuance of certificates by an accredited certification body
  • Managed Domain Encryption (MDE) for automatic e-mail encryption between SEPPmail appliances
  • High availability and load balancing are already included in the basic package
  • Effective protection against spam, viruses and phishing attacks