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Analysis, Reviews, HealthCheck:

We optimize your systems for you.

Existing IT infrastructures such as ISP installations usually serve their purpose, but there is often a lot of potential for optimization. Does everything work smoothly? Are the systems technically up to date? Is there perhaps a better / faster / cheaper solution available at one point or another?
And what happens in a crisis?

From time to time, it is good to subject your systems and processes to an independent review and match the actual to the desired state. Companies continue to evolve
- The same should be done by your IT landscapes. The time span needed for such a health check is usually determined by the customer, but often one day is sufficient.

Within a workshop our experts analyze your IT environment together with you. The results of the workshop and possibilities for improvement are then summarized in a detailed report. The summary of results can also be delivered in the form of a presentation if desired.

Our services:

  • Recording of the current installation
    • Recording of the hardware / software environment
    • Check of the environment for completeness and release status
    • Check of the firmware and driver levels of the underlying hardware
    • Recording of the policy structure of the (ISP) environment
    • Recording of the storage structure
    • Control of data backup
    • Documentation of the data distribution in the storage hierarchy
    • Control of (ISP) Housekeeping
    • Check of the recovery capabilities of the system
    • Recording of the system utilization
  • Recording of the target state
    • Recording of your requirements
    • Questioning known problems
    • Demand / create a growth forecast
  • Summary of the system configuration in a report
    • Drafting of suggestions for improvement
    • If necessary: proposals for infrastructure changes

Your benefits:

  •  Assurance of the effectiveness and efficiency of systems and processes
  • Correction of performance problems
  • Transfer of know-how and experience from our daily practice
  • Adaptation of disaster recovery plans to your business requirements
  • Identification of new ways to make even better use of the applied tools
  • Help with predictive planning for future IT requirements

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