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IT specialists from Stuttgart - Empalis Consulting GmbH | Performance & Expertise - Project Management


Empalis project management

Guide, lead, execute

IT projects stand and fall with the project managers and the project team! In addition to technical expertise in the IT area and the know-how of current methods and standards in project management, communication and social competence and, above all, project experience are also in demand here.

Our employees are both: IT professionals and trained project managers, certified to GPM, PMI and Prince2. Leading companies rely on our expertise and services.

Our services:

  • Project Reviews
  • Project management of complex infrastructure and migration projects as well as IT outsourcing projects
  • Project management and interface between departments and IT
  • Project management in our technical competencies
  • Project management in software development
  • Technical project and sub-project management for IT projects

Your benefits:

  • Targeted approach and secure project completion
  • Translation of professional requirements into functioning IT solutions
  • Access to broad and deep specialist and technological know-how
  • Excellent results in a short time

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